Auto Steer Kit

FJDynamics auto steer kit for the tractor is a high-accuracy GPS auto-guidance and steering system.


GIS Data

NMEA Positioning
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* U-turn

Precision Farming

Remote Control &
Unmanned Mode

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Hands-free & More Productive!

FJDynamics auto steer kit navigation steering accuracy can reach 2.5cm, sometimes even 1.5cm, with GNSS and RTK technology. So it can drive at high consistent with the intended working path, which maximizes the efficiency of land use. Meanwhile, this kit is equipped with IMU (attitude sensor. This allows agricultural machinery to maintain high accuracy in special operating environments. Such as undulating terrain and slopes.

FJDynamics auto steer kit is compliant with ISOBUS (ISO11783) standard. Adapted to various brands of agricultural machinery, providing real-time status of agricultural machinery. Improving the intelligence of agricultural equipment. Increasing the efficiency of the production process, thus reducing costs.

Straight Line, Curve Mode and Pivot mode supported. Select the appropriate mode according to the requirements. The steering accuracy is maintained at 2.5 cm.

Create and manage the information of the field. Boundary, task type, and guidance lines, created to achieve better data management.

Calculate the area worked at automatic and manual mode. Show the corresponding operation trajectory with different colors in task history. It makes the calculation of operation area more focused and accurate.

In U-turn auto-driving mode, the vehicle will automatically turn around. You only need to step on the brake when reaching a turning point, without any manual operation. (To be released in March, 2022) *

Field GIS information can be imported into and exported from this kit, multiple formats supported.

IMU module provides terrain compensation to ensure the operation accuracy in sloped fields.

Both scene view to ensure the quality of work. (Separate wifi camera required) *


High guidance and steering accuracy

±2.5cm. Combine GNSS with an RTK correction signal from an optional RTK base station, or combine GNSS with a commercial RTK subscription service.

Extensive compatibility

Through ISOBUS protocol, the kit is suitable for various brands of agricultural machinery. Such as seeders, spreaders, sprayers, etc. For some old agricultural machines, which do not support ISOBUS. This kit also supports NMEA0183 protocol and provides positioning information transmission.

User-friendly HMI System

Android-based, 22 languages supported, online after-service support and OTA. Track and control tractors easily.

Easy installation in 30 minutes

Complete the installation within 30 minutes with reference to the installation video.

Get Your FJDynamics Autosteer Kit

Standard Components

Electric Steering Wheel

Consists of a steering motor and a steering wheel. Ensures proper operation even in harsh scenarios; interchangeable between autopilot and manual control. No need to change the original tractor hydraulic system.

Maximum Torque 45 N·m
Power Input 12/24 VDC
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ ~ 85℃

Display & Control Terminal

Human Machine Interface (HMI), control and communication terminal of the tractor. The size is 10.1 inches, users can view and control the status of the farm machinery.

Size300 x 190 x 43 mm
Screen10.1-inch LCD Screen with LED Backlight
Power Supply10 V – 30 V
Network Module4G. Compatible with 2G/3G
Pixel1280 x 800 pixels
Waterproof and DustproofIP65
Operating Temperature-30℃ ~ 75℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃


Wheel Angle Sensor

Monitoring the rotation angle of wheels provides a real-time prediction of heading direction.
Waterproof and Dustproof IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃

IMU – Attitude Sensor

Provide terrain compensation. Ensure the operation accuracy in sloped fields at high speed.
Power Input5 V


GNSS Antenna
Receive data from the satellite and get the coordinates of the tractor. This kit comes with two GNSS antennas, one for positioning and one for orientation.

Frequency GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Storage Temperature -55℃ ~ 85℃

4G Antenna
Receive the network RTK signal. Realize the communication between the control terminal and the cellular data (4G).

Radio Antenna
Receive the base station RTK signal. Realize the communication between the control terminal and the RTK mobile base station.

Accessories to Sale

Accurate identify crops, weeds, and obstacles. Auto judge and
realize precise pesticide spraying. Smart obstacle avoidance.

Provide real-time differential information for various
machines to achieve centimeter-level 3D precise positioning.

Check the real scene around the tractor. Infrared night
vision. HD video 1080P. Max transmission distance of around 20m.

What Do Our Customers Say about This Product?

Drew — A farmer in South Africa

“In the traditional farming model, we waste a lot of seeds and fertilizers, and sometimes we also waste some land. this auto steer...

Nikola — A farmer from Serbia

"This kit makes my work easier. I can work at night and find the boundaries of the fields. Some fields are up to 800 meters long...

Adriaan — A farmer from Northern Ireland

"I use FJDynamics automatic steering to avoid spraying twice at places. This saves me about $2000 on my 200-ha farmland."


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